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Corbin’s Bend Pride

Corbin’s Bend is a hugely popular spanking romance series I started. I recruited the original authors and the first few books came out over the summer of 2014. Now, Corbin’s Bend has been split into two series. Corbin’s Bend is for m/f couplings and is owned by Blushing Books. Corbin’s Bend Pride is for lgbtq+ couplings and is owned by me. While both series share the same universe and use the same secondary characters, they are published by two separate entities.

The separation happened in February 2018. It’s taken a few months to start figuring out how things will go. While submissions aren’t open yet to other authors, things are beginning to pop up behind the scenes. For instance – each of the three m/m books I wrote that will be rereleased under Corbin’s Bend Pride will have new content (either additional chapters or extra stories about those characters). I hope you’ll be happy where I’ve taken these wonderful men.

I have new covers created, but they won’t be revealed until closer to the release date of the individual book. Currently I see them coming out in the following order:

I also may republish the F/F story: Wrongs Made Right