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Thianna Durston

In-depth tales of men loving men

Thianna’s Newest Releases

Drakyl Ranch Book Two


Urban Fantasy/PNR

They’ve been safe for decades, but now the drakyl of Drakyl Ranch must fight for their lives and the lives of their human relatives against the vilest creatures to inhabit the earth: Vampyr.

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3 Holidays for Jon & Ben

3 Holidays for Jon & Ben

Domestic Discipline Romance

3 tales from their holidays together with tons of tinsel, a leather reindeer, nativity sheep everywhere, busybodies who can’t help themselves, and a spanking romance you can’t beat.

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Figor Book One

Fan the Embers

New Adult / Sci-Fi

M/NB Pair

Hugh came to Figor for a few months and possibly the rest of his life. If they have their say, his life ends now.

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If You Can't Take the Heat

If You Can’t Take the Heat

BDSM Suspence Romance

Conrad had better capture this serial killer or his lover is going up in flames.

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Marked by Shadow

Marked by Shadow

BDSM Journey

How was he to know that the club where he finds complete and utter acceptance is the home he has to betray?

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Reunited with His Slave

Reunited with His Slave

BDSM Romance

They both came for one last night. Only one night just isn’t enough.

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