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Book Cover: Duty
Part of the Drakyl Ranch series:

Blurb Coming Soon

(I'm working hard at finishing all the novels in the Drakyl Ranch series. Once they are complete, I will start releasing them so there's less than a year between releases instead of years.) The draft is done for Duty. The rest are in some semblance of outline or mid-draft.

Expected Release: Early 2019

About Drakyl Ranch:

The Drakyl cousins thought they were human, until a stranger showed them what they truly were: drakyl—descendants of night travelers and blood drinkers. The first to transition, Aaron was the eldest and strongest. Joined with Jaret, an ancient drakyl, he took charge of his uncle’s ranch and younger cousins after his uncle died, while fighting off attacks by nearby vampyr. As each of his cousins transformed from human to immortal and found their companions, Aaron fortified their defenses while their enemy continued to encroach upon their land.

While vampyr attacked them for no other reason than that they hated drakyl, for Aaron and his cousins, this was a fight for their lives, their lovers, and their way of life. For this particular vampyr had no intention of stopping. In fact, his plan was far worse than they ever considered. If they didn’t stop him, it wouldn’t just be them that would be destroyed, but quite possibly the entire drakyl race.

Publisher: A Thia Thing

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