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From the ashes of horrendous events, hope will arise

After a shooting at Falcon Pointe University, the men we know best have to deal with their feelings. Every one of them has a distinct reaction to the horrible event and through these vignettes, we see how the men of Falcon Pointe face pain and hatred. Through the fear, the anxiety, the panic attacks, and the guilt, these men will come together as a community, not to fight back, but to make something so much better.

These vignettes are from many different points of view. You’ll hear from Santi, Finn, & Frank, as well as Cory, Ethan, David, and Levlin. And, of course, you’ll hear from the four heroes: Trent, Bastien, Rafe, and Nick, from the first 4 books from Falcon Pointe.

Trigger warning: While the vignettes occur after, the focus is of how the men of Falcon Pointe get through a school shooting and how it affects them.

Publisher: ATT Press
Cover Artists:

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