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For those who loved Jonathon & Benjamin from Corbin’s Bend, you may have heard of a short story titled Pillar in the Snow. It was only available for those who prebought one of the seasons. When I got the rights back to it at the time, I did not have the rights to the rest of my LGBT CB books. People wanted the story. So, I changed the names and the community. After all, I had written so much information about the two characters that I had enough for a long novella at least. It turned into a novel. As always happens, when I change the name of a character, they take on a slightly different personality.

If you loved Jonathon & Benjamin, you’re going to adore Kace & Falcon. Their book comes out on August 16th. I’m sharing snippets from it weekly on the #SatSpanks bloghop. Check out the snippets so far:

Meet Kace

Meet Falcon

Shock and Relief

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