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I have several things going on and thought I’d bring you up to date. Besides my weekly WIP that I post every Friday, I also have a few other books I’m writing. Unless there is a release date scheduled, all titles are subject to change.

Ready to Tell – this is a Corbin’s Bend spanking romance featuring two characters you haven’t met yet: Jack Carmichael, Brent’s elder brother, and Josh Martin, Family Nurse Practitioner. I am really enjoying these two characters so far.
Words so far: 11,845. Expected: 40,000.
Release Date: August 5. 2015

Untitled VC – this is a super secret paranormal story I’m writing. It was put out as a special submission call and it created such a huge plot bunny for me that in 6 days, I finished the first draft at 42,829. (requested word count? 30,000) Now, to set it aside so I can go back with a clear head 🙂

Semper Fi – I’m working on the full-length Jonathon/Benjamin story for Corbin’s Bend, but it is so complex, it’s going slower than I expected. Currently 8137. Expected: 45,000

Two novels I am writing that use part of the world I created in Logan & Christian’s All They Ever Needed trilogy, but with different lead characters.

Finding The Right Guy – Current 47,476 – Expected: 72,000
Brick by Brick – Current:8972 – Expected: 72,000

I have several other projects that are ‘in the works’ but with so few words written, I’ll wait until a few of the ones above are finished, before I pull them out. Unless their characters start chirping in my head. I can’t resist character chirping 🙂

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